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Mar, 2019

Game Recaps - Tuesday, March 26th


*Game summaries are provided from each team’s manager.


8U Game #1

Away Team - Score:  Storm Chasers – 16

Home Team - Score:  Thunder – 7

Game Summary:  Both Storm Chasers and the Thunder had their offenses going by the end of the game, but the Thunder eventually succumbed 16-7 in the high-scoring affair.  The Thunder struggled to put runs on the board early and had a tough time defensively containing the Storm Chasers, giving up 16 runs.  The Thunder launched two home runs on the day. Connor had a four bagger in the first inning. Niegil had a long ball in the sixth inning.  The Thunder tallied 11 hits on the day. The Storm Chasers racked up 28 hits in the game.

Hitting Stats – Storm Chasers:  Wade Maughon (5-5, 2 !B, 2 2B, 2 RBI); Keithan Higgins (3-5,2 1B, RBI); Garrett Givens (2-5, 1B, 2B, RBI); Rylan Johnson (4-5, 2 1B, 2B, HR, 4 RBI); Harrison Randall (3-5, 2 1B); Holden Styron (5-5, 3 1B, 2B, HR, 5 RBI); Chance Wagner (2-5, 2 1B, RBI); Sawyer Burch (2-4, 1B, 2B, RBI); Cayden Wilson (1-1, 1B); Trey Owen (1-1, 1B); Riley Purvis (1-4, 3 1B)

Hitting Stats – Thunder:  Evan Davis (1-3, RBI); Bentley Minick (2-3, RBI); Connor Linsenbigler (2-3, RBI); Niegel Morton-White (1-3, HR, 3 RBI); Bryson Celek (1-3); Bentley Overstreet (1-2, RBI); Jesse Black (1-2); Alex Owens (0-2); Easton Powell (0-2), Liam Hudson (0-2); Aiden Ashley (0-2); Colton Lewis (2-2)

8U Game #2

Away Team - Score:  Sandlot Sluggers – 4

Home Team - Score:  Biscuits – 14

Game Summary:  Not provided

Hitting Stats – Sandlot Sluggers:  Not provided

Hitting Stats – Biscuits:  Not provided


10U Game

Away Team - Score:  Indians – 2

Home Team - Score:  Outlaws – 6

Game Summary:  Not provided

Hitting Stats – Indians:   Tyler Mapes (BB, Run Scored); Eli Swancey (1-1, BB, Run Scored); William Baker (2-3, 2 RBI)

Hitting Stats – Outlaws:   Not provided


12U Game

Away Team - Score:  Senators – 16

Home Team - Score:  Diamond Dawgs – 0

Game Summary:  The Senators came to hit today and play solid defense behind steady pitching from Kade Heaton, Ty Ridlehoover, and Jayden Adams.  They exploded out of the gate with 5 runs in the 1st, followed by 4 in the 2nd and 3rd innings.  The 3rd inning included a 2 run homer by Landen Still (his first in Little League) that would clear the fence in right center.  The Senators held the Diamond Dawgs from crossing the plate for the shutout.  The Senators pitchers gave up 2 hits while striking out 6.  They relied on the defense behind them to make plays. 

Hitting Stats – Senators:   Landen Still (2-3, 2B, HR, 4RBI, 2 runs scored); Kade Heaton (2-3, 2 1B, 3 runs scored); Jayden Adams (2-3, 2 1B, 3 runs scored); Ty Ridlehoover (1-3, 3 runs scored);  Bryce Seaborn (1-3, 3 RBI); Reid “Pnut” Vines (1-2, RBI, run scored)

Hitting Stats – Diamond Dawgs:   Not provided


Upcoming Games for Monday, March 25th

6:00 PM @ Rotary:              8u Thunder @ 8u Biscuits

6:00 PM @ Capsugel:        8u Sandlot Sluggers @ 8u Storm Chasers

6:30 PM @ Laurens:           12u Power @ L3 Rail Riders


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